released 6/19/2012

This instance contains the following SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) software version SAP BOE 4.0 SP4.
Here are a few items and links that will help you get the most out of your BOE environment(s).

1. BusinessObjects and its web application server (Tomcat) must be manually started on this system. Click this link to view the startup / restart / stopping process for the BOE environment and associated products.

2. The instance operates on SUSE and is installed on a server named "bobj". When connecting with client tools you must reference this name as the "server" or "cms" name. In order for bobj to resolve correctly back to your deployed server the public IP address of the instance (found within the external server name created by the instance) and the name BOBJ needs to be entered into your local DNS or added to your C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file. Verify the host name "bobj" can be reached via a ping command: ping bobj (from your local machine)

3. Initial passwords for this environment can be found under /home/boe4/passwords please log onto the server via secure shell to see these passwords. At a minimum please change the BOE Administrator user password.

4. Link to BI LaunchPad (the end user reporting portal) for example - http://external_server_name:8080/BOE/BI

5. Link to Central Management Console (administrator portal) for example - http://external_server_name:8080/BOE/CMC

6. Link to Admin Tools (administrator query tool to review repository information) for example - http://external_server_name:8080/BOE/AdminTools

7. SAP Provides most guides at

8. The internal server name is tied to the BOE setup and needs to be maintained (do not change it) however the internal and external IP Address for the server can change. If the server name needs to be adjusted we highly recommend you contact Decision First Technologies to discuss with or hire a representative to assist you in the server and BOE cluster name change.

9. The instance can be deployed within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or stand alone within Amazons network.

10. To accommodate Amazon's dynamic internal IP addressing we run a simple script on boot up that enters the dynamic IP into the /etc/hosts file.

11. A separate web application server that only contains BI LaunchPad and the CMC deployed is currently not available within the marketplace but is highly recommended for business scenarios where data will be available externally to consumers. Please contact Decision First Technologies to discuss with or hire a technician to install a separate web app server and connect within the cluster if you decide to utilize this environment externally to consumers. Setting up a SSL certificate for the web application server is also strongly encouraged.

12. The Adaptive Process Server(APS) is installed as it would be during an initial installation of BOE. This BOE server should not be used long term and should be adjusted to meet your report processing need. Separating out subserver processes to new APS servers and adding additional memory is strongly encouraged. To better understand how this is completed please review the Administrator Guide provided by SAP

13. Server Install software can be found under /u01/installs. To download the BOE client software please click download. Normal Amazon data usage charges will occur while downloading this client software.

14. To understand what software (browsers, data sources, etc) is compatible with BOE 4.0 SP4 please review the SAP Software compatibility matrix

15. Thank you for purchasing this AMI. If you have support questions please feel free to contact Decision First Technologies for support options.