Game Changing Technology

Analytics, business intelligence and leveraging information strategically remain the highest priorities for most CIO’s, and SAP HANA’s in memory approach is the biggest, game-changing technology to impact these initiatives in recent memory. SAP HANA simplifies complex data warehouses by eliminating redundant and expensive data storage, improving query performance, enabling real-time data analysis and supporting and promoting end user adoption. Not only does HANA’s modern foundation for analytics meet the growing demand for diverse data, but it also provides real-time, self-service access to that information.

But where do you begin? Enabling real-time functionality to analytics, business applications and data services is only part of the solution. Assessing the best use and effective implementation of SAP HANA based on your unique needs is paramount.

Decision First Technologies is a premiere SAP HANA expert. We help you assess, implement and deploy the best HANA solution to meet the specific needs of your company. We ensure you maximize your BI investment to get the most value from your data dollar. How? Expertise AND Experience!

As 7x SAP Partner of the Year and authors of the book Implementing SAP HANA, few companies match our combined 15+ years of Business Intelligence experience. Being one of the first SAP BusinessObjects partners to become certified on SAP HANA, we combine our years of product knowledge with SAP HANA’s functionality to fundamentally change the performance, capabilities and scalability for SAP Analytics customers.

In addition, we help you navigate the numerous SAP HANA hardware and configuration options, understanding the critical role accurate sizing and scope play in your future data plans. Also, companies looking to implement HANA on a smaller scale now have access to new sizing options making HANA affordable and manageable for small to medium size businesses.

SAP’s HANA Cloud options are also available for companies of all sizes. DFT can help you navigate the numerous Cloud solutions to find the best one for your company. We help you determine your next best course of action for implementing your SAP HANA solution.

areas of expertise:

SAP Business Warehouse (BW) powered by HANA

For organizations that currently run SAP Business Warehouse (BW) with a third party RDBMS, the transition to HANA is only the first step. Significant expertise is required for effectively leveraging the functionality of HANA to produce a real-time analytics engine that delivers relevant business content to end users when and where it is needed. DFT has the expertise! We provide the skills to help you create analytic views built directly off core BW data, simplifying the query process and cutting response times significantly. We help you experience a whole new level of insight, power and agility that turns data and analytics into a true competitive advantage.


SAP Business Suite on HANA

Business Suite on HANA is an in-memory solution that dramatically improves the value of SAP analytics. Whether you’re invested in traditional data warehouses (BW, DW, rapid marts etc), or are struggling with SAP GUI reports and Excel spreadsheets, the analytical benefits of Suite on HANA are transformational.

DFT is the right company to help you leverage  the power of your Suite on HANA platform and open up a whole new world of analytics without the limitations of legacy database technologies. It lets you respond at the speed of business and apply solutions that were too time consuming or expensive. With Suite on HANA you can quickly and easily access the rich content within your SAP system and provide it to your users when and where they need it.

Bottom Line: Get the return on investment that every SAP customer anticipates. Maximizing your Suite on HANA investment takes knowledge and experience, and DFT has both. We help you produce real-time operational analysis so you pinpoint areas of concern immediately and get back on track quickly. Our BI Nirvana Program is one way we produce significant data results. DFT’s BI Nirvana in 90 Days offering enables real-time insight into the operations of your organization giving your business customers visibility into their business processes, maybe for the first time. It also delivers returns on investment in weeks, not years….or never!

Our Bi Nirvana program helped Textile, Rubber and Chemical Company, an SAP Innovation award winner, transform their decision making process with Suite on HANA. And whether you implement Suite on HANA directly or incorporate a sidecar approach, HANA Live gets you up and running quickly.

  • HANA Sidecar – You can benefit immediately from the analytics capability of Suite on HANA, even if you have no plans to migrate to Suite on HANA. With an SAP HANA sidecar approach you use your existing system as the primary database (Oracle, IBM etc) and HANA as your secondary database. With HANA’s parallel processing, calculations are handled in the database layer so that result sets are submitted to the application. It’s fast and secure, and provides a trusted replication. It’s the ‘no-fault’ insurance policy your company needs when you want to leverage the speed and agility of HANA without replacing your current database.
  • HANA Live – Whether your implementation is Suite on HANA or Suite on HANA Sidecar, HANA Live is the driver behind real-time operational reporting. This free set of data views provides analytics directly on original transactional data with zero latency. It leverages predefined tables and data models to quickly answer your ad hoc business questions, allowing your team to make instant decisions.
SAP HANA Enterprise

For organizations that have a lot of non-SAP data, need real-time replication or require complex data transformation, cleansing or merging, HANA Enterprise provides the most value and flexibility for greater customized BI solutions.

Applications or systems running with HANA Enterprise directly leverage SAP HANA without an additional software layer to impede data access. HANA Enterprise enables business users to immediatly access, model and analyze their transactional and analytical data in real time – from virtually any data source – in a single environment, without affecting existing applications or systems.

Need help understanding if SAP HANA Enterprise is right for you? Let our experts help. They literally wrote the book on it!