Data-driven decisions…it’s what every executive strives for. Yet Gartner predicts at least a third of all Fortune 100 firms will face an information crisis by 2017.

Having access to your data is only part of the solution.

As technology provides more data, the question becomes how to hone in on the important facts and turn them into valuable information. It’s the difference between data in a spreadsheet or data as a corporate asset.

What’s your EIM strategy? Is your platform trusted? Does your data drive business outcomes or more confusion?

As a respected leader in the EIM industry, DFT is at the forefront of data integration, quality and governance. We create strategies that go beyond monitoring, managing and measuring data by starting at the ground level. We help you define business standards, plan strategies and integrate data across the enterprise so information becomes accurate, reliable and easy to understand.

areas of expertise:

Data Governance

Data governance is a set of processes ensuring critical data assets are defined and structure is in place for cleansing, storing and reporting data in a way that makes it easy for the business to own and identify variances in their mission-critical information. DFT specializes in establishing solid data warehousing, reporting, analysis, management, dashboards and scorecards so that you have the power to measure, improve and monitor your organization daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Data Warehouse

Data requirements. Data integration. Data storage. Data retrieval. These are key components for a solid data warehouse plan. The work on the front-end is what produces business insight on the back end, but it isn’t easy. That’s why DFT’s decades of expertise matter. We help companies of all sizes sort through the discovery, cleansing, transforming, delivering and monitoring of business-relevant data.

Data Modeling

A well-designed data model is the cornerstone of any successful data warehouse. DFT designs both physical and logical data models for all leading database management systems, combining critical elements of both business requirements and source data.

Data Integration

Combining technical and business processes to produce valuable data from disparate sources is no easy task. A complete data integration solution starts with discovery and ends with delivery, but it’s what’s in between that matters. DFT has delivered many successful data integration projects for companies with disparate data sources from acquisitions and mergers. We know the process, problems, and pitfalls, and we know how to avoid them.

Data Migration

At the root of data migration are essential business factors such as mergers or acquisitions, the need to implement a new ERP solution, or moving legacy applications onto a single SAP platform. Whatever the need DFT can help you get your data where it needs to be. And while moving your data, we will help you evaluate and improve the quality to ensure the right data is consistently available. From preparation to Go-Live, we will help you realize a successful migration project.

Data Quality

It all begins here. No software, hardware or process can make up for poor data quality. Every business needs accurate, complete, consistent data delivered in a timely manner. But it takes effort and know-how to produce and maintain clean data. DFT starts at the ground level and breaks the process down into manageable pieces. Our approach is comprehensive and our results speak for themselves. We help turn your data into a corporate asset.