According to Gartner, the business world is “rapidly heading towards a world of analytics everywhere.”

The time to leverage relevant data is now and IT feels the brunt of turning disparate, ever-expanding data into meaningful, trustworthy information. The task is overwhelming and the need is great.

DFT’s self-service approach to business analytics enables you to access the information you need, when and where you need it. It turns information into actionable insight, allowing you to see patterns in your data so you and your business users make decisions based on fact – not speculation.

But where do you start? What’s your BI plan for delivering accurate, measurable, data that is easy for all to use and share?

DFT knows the way.

We’ve mapped out the path to BI Nirvana where Business Analytics positively influences the course of the company. We enable business users to view, consume and react to data that influences their daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly decisions. This turns information into insight. It highlights patterns, trends and discrepancies for easy identification and improved responses that positively impact your day-to-day business.

Sound business decisions necessitate accurate, current information – not estimations.

How We Do It:

  • FRA2ME – Our unique methodology provides systematic and repeatable best practices, delivers a roadmap for sustained improvement, identifies areas of weaknesses and gives an action plan for remedy. FRA2ME is exclusive to DFT and maximizes your BI investment making business users advocates and dramatically growing the adoption of BI throughout your enterprise. View Video >> Read Brochure
  • SAP Know-How – As an SAP 7x Analytics Partner of the Year, training partner and authorized SAP technical support provider, rest assured we know SAP Analytics! There’s no denying our functional knowledge of SAP Analytics allows us to maximize results and minimize project time.
  • BI Experience – BI isn’t just something we do, it’s all we do. With nearly two decades of BI concentration it’s no surprise that DFT is nationally recognized for our expertise. This deep level of experience is matched only by the passion of our consultants, who are frequently asked to speak at national and international conferences, and who continue to be an asset to the broader SAP community.
  • Proven Track Record – Deep product knowledge and a long list of satisfied customers who’ve seen real results in their BI environments means our clients speak for us. From large enterprises to smaller organizations, our customers agree: “DFT is more than just a services firm. They are strategic advisors helping us create plans, implement solutions and provide measurable results.”


Dashboards and Visualizations

DFT helps you create dashboards and visualizations to communicate information more clearly and effectively through graphical means. Whether through visual snapshots into profitability via sales, operations or manufacturing, or providing real-time insight into production line statistics; we help you identify, define, plan and deliver the information that means the most to your organization.

Enterprise Reporting

DFT leverages a powerful platform that helps your business manage and control data, create scalable, meaningful reports and provide secure, accurate information delivered across various devices. It’s about getting one version of the truth to the people who need it, when and where they need it, so they can act on it. Delivering business-driven data through custom tables, charts or graphs via web, mobile or print content is no small task. But meaningful and timely data produces real results. Let DFT help you deliver accurate, secure, integrated data that you control – all with minimal dependence on IT.


With the demand for seamless data transmission from office to mobile device, information needs to be easily accessible, delivered quickly, and produce meaningful visualizations that improve business insight and increase agility. Business users today operate off of mobile devices as much as their desktop or laptop computers, making mobile data delivery an essential part of any Business Analytics strategy. Our mobile solutions give you the ability to quickly make sense of your data on the device that is right for you.


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Predictive Analytics

Analyzing vast amounts of historical data to create accurate projections of future trends is no longer the sole purpose of data scientists and the academic elite. With Predictive Analysis, business owners can extract trends, predict outcomes and prepare for what’s to come. DFT helps companies leverage predictive techniques to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks. Insight, rather than hindsight, produces better business decisions.

Watch DFT expert Hillary Bliss as she provides some insights into Predictive Analytics and how the practice can improve your organization’s ability to turn disparate, ever-expanding data into meaningful, trustworthy information.


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Operational BI

Performance, visibility and measurement – all components of an effective Operational BI strategy. But how much visibility do you have into your financial, production or marketing operations? DFT takes Operational BI to the next level by helping your company produce granular level data distributed to the people who use it every day. We help you create data with value and deliver it as far down the line as you need it to go. Increasing data value through real-time operational insight not only helps you see high level KPIs across the company, but it lets you drill down to document level data when further investigation is needed. It puts the detailed information in the hands of the people who make the operation run day in and day out. Let us help you improve efficiency and spot variances so your people can react faster.



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Location Intelligence

BI tools excel at extracting the who, what and when aspects of data, but are lost when it comes to the where. Ultimately, location ties all other data points together. By combining location-related data with business data you gain critical insights that allow you to make better business decisions and optimize important processes and applications. Spot patterns, risks and opportunities and give your executives a complete view of the company’s operations.

Salesforce & BusinessObjects Integration

DFT’s Salesforce® Connect for SAP Analytics™ unlocks the value of your Saleforce data. This solution seamlessly integrates SAP Analytics into your platform. No more exiting one application to access another. With Salesforce Connect, you can interact with SAP Analytics content in many ways – as a standalone tab within Salesforce, as embedded reports within Account, Opportunity or other standard pages or as embeded ‘Report Parts’ such as charts, graphs and tag clouds.

Salesforce Connect lets you mash-up, merge and view data from SAP Lumira®, SAP® Crystal Reports®, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® and more.

Combining SAP Analytics with provides a critical component to your sales strategy, pipeline development, account management and KPI evaluation that does not exist with standard
Salesforce reporting and analysis.