De-Risking Your SAP S/4HANA Implementation 

How prepared are you to handle S/4HANA implementation risk?

Don’t make the same mistakes you have made in the past with your ECC migration. Join us for our upcoming S/4HANA webinar on Thursday, September 8th at 2:00 pm Eastern.

We’ll discuss real-life recommendations to identify and mitigate your S/4HANA  project risks with practical examples including:

  • Key project risks our clients are encountering with S/4
  • Creating a governance and change management program
  • S/4 Business Processes – How to manage deltas & changes
  • Security & Compliance – What’s different in S/4?
  • Data & Analytics – S/4 Strategies for Data and Preparation layers

S/4HANA Webinar 2016

Jeremy Stierwalt – Jeremy is the director of Data & Analytics for Protiviti in the Central & West regions. He has 18 years of experience in all aspects of business intelligence, advanced & predictive analytics, and data management solutions. This includes both vertical and line-of-business expertise in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, HR, Sales, Marketing, and Procurement functions.

John Folk – John is a Director in the IT Consulting practice. He has extensive experience in the leadership and implementation of ERP systems and other large business change programs. Over the course of his 25 year career he has served a number of Fortune 500 companies in a variety of capacities, including complex program management initiatives, process reengineering efforts, and merger & integration activities. As an executive at a “big four” consulting firm, he was responsible for delivery of ERP and SAP implementation projects in the highly regulated chemical and pharmaceutical industries. At Protiviti, he has leveraged that implementation background to assist clients with managing various aspects of ERP risk. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Predictive Analytics Series 2016

Are you interested in identifying untapped opportunities and exposing hidden risks buried inside your data?

Do you want to extract trends, predict outcomes and prepare for the future?

With predictive insight you can!

Join our 3-Part Predictive Analytics Expert Webinar Series on Thursdays @ 2:00 pm Eastern beginning Jun 9th to gain a whole new level of insight, power and agility that will turn your data and analytics into a competitive advantage.

Register for one or all three!

Building an Integrated Advanced Analytics Strategy

Hillary Bliss
Thu, Jun 9 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Decisions matter. That’s why  every company needs to understand what it takes to make their analytics strategy work. Implementing trusted, real-time reporting ensures key people can take action on analytical insights quickly with accurate information.

Protiviti Predictive Analytics expert Hillary Bliss will walk you through key decision points every organization faces when developing an advanced analytics strategy, making sure to include both the business and technical perspective.

Learning Points

  • Identify resources needed for a successful advanced analytics implementation, including people, tools and infrastructure
  • How to develop and select first use cases
  • Features and functions to consider when selecting a statistical tool
  • Understand the technical infrastructure required for building and deploying models
  • Plan for how to maintain predictive models and best practices to facilitate maintenance

Hillary Bliss is a Senior Manager at Protiviti specializing in data warehouse design, ETL development, statistical analysis, and  predictive modeling. She integrates business analysis and predictive modeling solutions into the organizational data warehouse and business intelligence environments based on specific operational and strategic business needs.

The Journey from Descriptive to Prescriptive People Analytics

John Harris
Thu, Jun 16 @ 2:00 pm Eastern


If your HR organization is still in a reactive mode of providing historical standard and ad-hoc reports to its function leaders, then it’s still in the descriptive phase of People Analytics – “here’s what happened in the past…”. If your HR organization wants to increase its strategic value to the company by providing recommendations that improve employee productivity and/or decrease the cost associated with attracting and retaining employees, then it needs to move along the analytics maturity curve and start providing prescriptive People Analytics – “here’s what we need to do to increase the value of our human capital and the best way to do it…”

Predictive modeling & advanced analytics expert, John M. Harris, will provide guidance and industry examples on past deliverables that have helped HR organizations go from just providing descriptive analytics to providing strategic recommendations based on prescriptive analytics.

Learning Points

  • What it takes to establish or transform the capability of a People Analytics group
  • Building predictive models for employee attrition – down to the employee ID level – that are at least 95% accurate. And, discussing the strategic benefits of the capability
  • Analyzing metrics to provide individual or group performance goals that improve productivity or decrease operating expenses
  • Determining root causes for the poor performance and high attrition rates of a sales organization and what was done to change that outcome

John Harris, Senior Manager – Predictive Modeling and Advanced Analytics, has over 16 years of industry experience applying strategic thinking and advanced analytical skill set to optimize resources, improve processes and develop quantitative models that turn data into decision-aid information for all levels of leadership. Airline and energy utility employers have attempted to patent his deliverables related to predictive and optimization modeling.

Optimizing Customer Experience

Patrick McDonald
Thu, Jun 23 @ 2:00 pm Eastern


Do you really know your customers? What do they buy? How do they respond to media? To pricing? To brands? When will they purchase again? Developing a deep understanding of customer behaviors provides an important competitive advantage in both business to consumer and business to business organizations. The techniques discussed have been used successfully in retail, telecom, and consumer goods and component manufacturing.

Protiviti advanced analytics expert Patrick McDonald will discuss our framework for customer intimacy and the impact it can have on an organization.

Learning Points

  • Uncovering the key business drivers unique in your organization
  • Identifying the behavioral data that you have and how to leverage it
  • Creating the building blocks with Customer Dimensions each answering a specific business question
  • Leveraging predictive models to better understand future behavior
  • Putting the building blocks together for a cohesive customer understanding
  • Optimizing your response to customer segments
  • Leveraging new insights across your organization

Patrick McDonald is an Associate Director with Protiviti focused on advising clients in the Retail, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications industries on analytics solutions. Over a 20 year career in advanced analytics, Patrick completed tours in a big firm and leading analytics technology and software companies.

EIM Series

Real-Time Data Requires Real-Time Governance

Patrick Leonard
Thu, Oct 1 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Drawing on real-world use cases and best practices from numerous implementations, learn how to leverage SAP Information Steward to tackle the new challenges that arise with the emergence of real- time data.

Learning Points

  • Empower your organization to better manage data and metadata in real time
  • Get expert advice to develop a governance strategy, including selecting terms and quality metrics to evaluate, setting thresholds for scorecards and measuring data quality over time
  • Step through live demos of scorecards that validate data quality using complex business rules in real time against sources to see how data quality conforms to rules to support a real-time enterprise

Patrick Leonard is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant. He has worked on multiple full-life-cycle BI implementations, with expertise in the healthcare and utilities industries. He works extensively with data visualization as well as information governance tools. Of late, his focus has been on implementing data governance strategies for global organizations.


Expert Guidelines for Building a Data Quality Assessment and Improvement Initiative

Bruce Labbate
Thu, Oct 8 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Get a pragmatic, execution-focused approach to building a data quality assessment and improvement plan targeted at increasing the value of your ERP and BI solutions. See how SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward fit into your data remediation process both in a proactive and reactive situation.

Learning Points

  • Learn to validate scope and data content assumptions, as well as quickly create data quality validation rules using SAP Information Steward and information management tools and techniques
  • Create a blueprint for building a business-rule-based data quality assessment and remediation project

Bruce Labbate is a Business Intelligence Consultant specializing in data warehousing, data quality, and ETL development who delivers customized SAP Data Services solutions for customers across all industries. With Decision First Technologies, Bruce utilizes Data Integrator, Data Quality, Information Design Tool, and a variety of database technologies, including SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Netezza, and HANA.

Use Cases for Smart Data Integration and Smart Data Quality

Don Loden
Thu, Oct 15 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Quality (SDQ) enable the provisioning filtering, transformation, cleansing and enrichment of data from multiple sources into SAP HANA, eliminating the need for a separate ETL or replication stage. If you are looking to load data into HANA and use the HANA options available, this might be another technology platform to consider.

Learning Points

  • Understand the use cases for using SDI & SDQ vs standalone tools like Data Services, SLT and Sybase Replication Server
  • Learn the styles of data delivery supported: real-time and batch as well as the deployment options available: on-premise and cloud
  • See how SDQ can support data quality functionality through transformations

Don Loden is a Principal Consultant with full life-cycle data warehouse and information governance experience in multiple verticals. He is an SAP-certified application associate on SAP Data Services, and is very active in the SAP community, speaking globally at numerous conferences and events. He has more than 14 years of experience in ETL architecture, development and tuning, logical and physical data modeling, and mentoring on data warehouse, data quality, information governance and ETL  concepts.

Easy Data Preparation for the Business User

Lynne Lintelman
Thu, Oct 22 @ 2 pm Eastern

Provide self-service access to clean, reliable data – with SAP’s Agile Data Preparation tool for business users, IT teams, and data stewards. Powered by in-memory technology, the tool takes data cleansing and blending to the next level. Use it in the cloud or on premise for analytics, data migration, and master data management initiatives.

Learning Points

  • Empower business users to instantly improve the value and usefulness of data by discovering, preparing, and sharing data – without help from IT
  • Get fast insights by quickly importing multiple data sets from on premise, cloud, or spreadsheet data sources
  • Let the software guide you through ways to cleanse, enrich, and combine your data
  • Quickly prepare data sets with a visual, interactive interface that is designed for ease of use and suggests one-click fixes for inaccurate, incomplete, and duplicate data
  • Accelerate business efficiency with trusted data by defining, assessing, and improving data quality with proactive data stewardship

Lynne Lintelman is a Senior Product Manager with SAP and has over 18 years of hands-on Data Quality experience. She has a proven track record with evangelizing and building innovative market driven products and helping their growth and successful customer adoption. Lynne has strong domain knowledge of the Enterprise Information Management space with specific expertise in Data Quality, Data Matching, Consolidating and Best Record Creation, Data Enrichment, Information Stewardship and Data Integration.