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Predictive Analytics Series 2016

Are you interested in identifying untapped opportunities and exposing hidden risks buried inside your data?

Do you want to extract trends, predict outcomes and prepare for the future?

With predictive insight you can!

Watch our 3-Part Predictive Analytics Expert Webinar Series to gain a whole new level of insight, power and agility that will turn your data and analytics into a competitive advantage.

Building an Integrated Advanced Analytics Strategy
The Journey from Descriptive to Prescriptive People Analytics
Optimizing Customer Experience

Security Series 2016

End-to-End Security for Your SAP Environment

From designing and configuring your SAP application security to implementing your SAP BI and HANA security, our Webinar Series gives you tips, tricks and best practices from our top SAP experts.

Securing Your SAP Application
Implementing SAP BI Security Best Practices
Securing Your SAP HANA Environment

BI 2015 Webinar Series

When Nucleus Research examined companies to find out the return on BI investment, the results were shocking….ROI for BI projects was over 1,000%.

And, equally impressive was the discovery that 74% of non-adopting organizations were negatively impacted.

We understand the impact of effective BI to your bottom line and through these recorded webinars we’re ready to share some of that insight with you.

Understanding the SAP BusinessObject BI Suite: The Right Tool for the Right Job
Comparing and Contrasting Design Studio vs. Lumira
Why Upgrade to SAP BI 4.1?
Bring the Power of SAP Analytics to
Experience BI Nirvana in 90 Days

Predictive Analytics 2015 Webinar Series

Is your company interested in using big data and advanced analytics to make better business decisions, but not sure how to start?

Has your organization developed valuable predictive models that you are struggling to implement into a real-time business intelligence or application environment?

Are you trying to understand what resources (people, tools, and plans) a successful “advanced analytics” strategy requires?

These are just a few of the areas predictive analytics touch day-to-day business, and every day Decision First Technologies helps companies across the globe find more proactive ways to leverage their data. These recorded webinars include real-life case studies on companies of all sizes that have developed a proactive, predictive approach to their business.

Predictive Analytics: What Tools are Available, and When Should I Use Them?
Building an Integrated Advanced Analytics Strategy
Implementing Predictive Models: Making Insights Actionable

Enterprise Information Management 2015 Webinar Series

What’s your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy?

Is your platform trusted?

Does your data drive business outcomes or more confusion?

Join our EIM experts to explore all aspects of a successful Data Management, Quality & Governance program in our 4-part recorded webinar series. Covering real-time governance, quality assessment, smart data integration and data prep for business users; this series gives you real-life examples on how to make your EIM program successful.

Real-Time Data Requires Real-Time Governance
Expert Guidelines for Building a Data Quality Assessment & Improvement Initiative
Use Cases for Smart Data Integration & Smart Data Quality
Easy Data Preparation for the Business User

Deploying SAP BI in the Cloud

Join Our Webinar
Recording Now Available

Need SAP BI in the Cloud?

We have you covered!

Moving to the Cloud is now a core tenet for most companies. Key departments such as sales, marketing and finance need access to business analytics quickly without getting bogged down in the technical details.

We have teamed-up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with immediate access to SAP’s BusinessObjects BI Suite, including operational reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards and visualizations, data exploration and more.

Whether you need a subscription-based solution for SAP BusinessObjects or HANA or a custom built BI and HANA Cloud environment, this webinar will cover several SAP BI options.

Joint our DFT Cloud expert and co-founder, Scott Golden, on Thursday, March 26 @ 2:00 pm for a 60 minute session to learn about:

  • HANA One
  • BusinessObjects on AWS with or without licensing
  • Moving your on premise SAP environment to the cloud
  • Integrating SAP BusinessObjects with SalesForce

BW on HANA Webinar Series

Join us for our 2-part series on migration to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) powered by SAP HANA.

Everyone gets the concept that HANA is fast, but is there more value to HANA than just speed? The good new is there is significant value!

Part 1: Why You Should Migrate to SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA
Recording Now Available

Learn how migrating to BW on HANA:

  • Promotes self-service reporting and analytics
  • Provides drill-down capabilities to any set of data at the most granular level
  • Reduces development time
  • Simplifies the modeling process
  • Increases the agility of your enterprise data warehouse
  • Reduces the complexity of your IT landscape

Part 2: How to Migrate to SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA
Recording Now Available

Learn best practices around how to migrate to BW on HANA:

  • The common SAP BW on SAP HANA migrations paths that are available and what criteria to consider for each option
  • What type of testing is required when I move to BW on HANA?
  • The technology available from SAP to limit downtime during the migration
  • A checklist of technical activities to complete the migration

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Webinar Series

Is It Time To Take Out The Data Garbage?

Studies show, 40% of all business initiatives fail due to data inconsistencies, lack of completeness, duplicate records and incorrect business rules. It’s time to raise your data to a new standard.

Join us for our four-Part Expert Series, where we will help you understand your most important corporate asset…your data! See how organizations can leverage SAP® enterprise information management solutions like SAP Data Service, SAP Data Quality Management and SAP Information Steward.

Also learn about the text data processing capabilities within SAP Data Services which allows organizations to take unstructured textual data and turn it into something you can analyze and act on.

Avoid Fast Trash in SAP HANA with SAP Data Services 
Maximizing Data Integrity with SAP Information Steward…Is Your Organization Ready?
Data Migrations: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
What Are Customers Saying About You? Harness Social Media to Find Out!

Take Your BI Mobile with SAP BusinessObjects Solutions

SAP® Mobile BI solutions deliver real-time visibility into big data with a secure, mobile experience that features interactive visuals and intuitive search. Empower everyone in your organization to take action and deliver results from anywhere with business intelligence solutions delivered to their mobile device.

Architecting Your Mobile BI Platform
Taking Crystal and Webi Reports Mobile
Building Dashboards for Mobile Consumption
Shaping Your Mobile Strategy with Explorer and Lumira