SAP HANA is about more than improving performance – it’s about modernizing your Business Intelligence platform.

Imagine enabling real-time functionality to analytics, business applications and data services. And delivering business relevant views never before possible. But where do you begin?

That’s where DFT comes in. We offer a comprehensive diagnostic process that uncovers the SAP HANA readiness of your environment.

If you’re considering moving to an in-memory solution, let us walk you through use cases, system requirements, associated costs and the short and long-term benefits of deploying SAP HANA.

With HANA’s power and DFT’s technical know-how, you can experience a new level of insight, power and agility that turns data and analytics into a competitive advantage.

Implementation services include the following:

Technical Assessment
Our HANA implementation services start right where you are, regardless of disparate systems, processes or source data. Our team provides you with a defined view of your current landscape, the potential risks and challenges you face if you introduce SAP HANA into your current environment, and a complete ‘next steps’ plan to guide you through the implementation.

Solution Assessment
From there our HANA implementation team works closely with your IT staff, digging deeper into your Business Intelligence infrastructure in order to create a solution blueprint with a high level outline of business and technology requirements, as well as a larger view of the proposed solution architecture.

Implementation Services
Then our HANA experts begin the complete end-to-end services for implementing SAP HANA into your environment. Diving down into the technical aspects of your project including integrating with your current infrastructure, defining business and data integration requirements, modeling and loading HANA data structures and building out your front-end solution.

Take the first step toward supercharging your BI environment with our SAP HANA Implementation services. We make your data work for you!

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