Delivering your SAP BI data where you need it most…inside

Do you use tools other than Salesforce for analysis? 

Do you pull from multiple applications to gather sales, marketing and financial data about your customers?

Our Salesforce® Connect for SAP Analytics™ brings the full potential of SAP® BusinessObjects™ (BO) reporting and visualizations to your portal.

Because analytics shouldn’t live next to your daily activities, but instead be embedded where you do your daily work, DFT harnesses the power and flexibility of your SAP Analytics Suite within your Salesforce application creating reporting possibilities that didn’t exist until now.

Consolidating multiple data sources, such as customer revenue, payment history and other market information is as easy as the click of a mouse. No more exiting one application to access another for insights needed to make better decisions.

As a standalone tab or an embedded report within a Page Layout, you have seamless, single sign-on access to the power of BusinessObjects tools without leaving your Salesforce interface. Now Salesforce users have access to charts, graphs and tag clouds that have been impossible to utilize until now!

So when standard Salesforce reporting isn’t enough, let Salesforce Connect help you mash-up, merge and view data from SAP Lumira®, SAP Crystal Reports®, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® and more. With true integration Saleforce users can view, update and refresh information on the fly, in real-time so you always know where you stand in the sales process.

Why waste time and money with custom report development? Eliminate the complexity of creating a 360° degree view of your customers. Instead, open up a world of productivity, flexibility and relevancy like never before.

Seamless Integration with

  • Access, view and refresh BusinessObjects developed content within
  •  Includes content developed against Salesforce and non-Salesforce data
  • Integrate specific report content into existing Salesforce pages
  • Deliver visibility via KPIs that drive your Sales & Marketing activities
  • Leverage your current investment in SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Lumira
  • Single sign-on to BusinessObjects from providing robust security