Data discrepancies – everyone has them. But few companies know how to manage them.

Is your data creation process overwhelming? Do you have visibility into your Master Data? Can you filter your Master Data all at once by source, view, etc.?

In just six weeks DFT’s Information Governance (IG) Accelerator program, utilizing SAP Information Steward, lets you identify Master Data issues before they hit your bottom line. We give you the power to create smarter, more accurate master data which reduces bad data down the line and its costly consequences.


Through our IG Accelerator offering!

This offering helps you visualize, find and solve data quality issues across all of your information systems and applications. This not only helps your company control costs, but it reduces business disruptions, compliance issues and customer complaints.

Our IG Accelerator offering delivers real-time scorecard reporting in three Master Domain areas:

Customer, Supplier and Material Master

We help you model data rules to align with your business processes. Rules are created that run off your SAP ECC or SAP CRM system ensuring real-time visibility to monitor the data and identify the processes that don’t align. This type of insight allows you to compare live data content from your SAP system.

And because your visibility is into the Master Data configuration process you catch data problems before they go live, where adjustments are easier to make.

So whether you need to identify errors already in play or want to proactively see gaps before master data is active, our IG Accelerator program has you covered. Not only will you gain predictive governance capabilities, but data adjustments will be easier to identify and implement.

Don’t miss your opportunity to catch data discrepancies before they become a permanent part of your data story.

It only takes 6 weeks to get you up and running.

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