Poor data quality…you know it’s detrimental to your organization, but how do you begin the cleanup process?

How do you identify the problems? Eliminate inconsistencies? Target duplicate records or incomplete data sets?

Every company needs accurate data when it comes to creating a single customer view, keeping your bill of materials (BOM) consistent or auditing supplier data to verify certifications.

Quality data is the backbone of everything you do.

That is why Decision First Technologies is at the forefront of data quality change. Our experts eat, sleep and breathe data quality enabling our clients to produce insightful, accurate information delivered in a meaningful way.

If you’re considering an Enterprise Information Management solution but don’t know where to begin, DFT’s Data Quality Health Check gets you started. We walk you through use cases, system requirements, associated costs and the actual benefits of deploying quality data throughout your enterprise.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Insight into breakdowns of your organization’s data intelligence
  • Methodology for tracking and improving your data quality
  • Increased accuracy into KPI data as well as increased ROI
  • Improved master data collection and delivery
  • Increased clarity through impact analysis and centralized metadata management

For those looking to go one step further, DFT offers complete end-to-end implementation services for SAP Data Services, SAP Data Quality Management and SAP Information Steward.

These services are based on the health check blueprint and include:

  • Creating an information management strategy and framework
  • Gathering, analyzing and documenting business and data integration requirements
  • EIM integration with your current infrastructure
  • Mentoring, training and knowledge transfer to both IT and business staff

Let DFT help you build the foundation for a richer, more trusted data standard.

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