Establishing priorities is easy for DFT because our top priority is ALWAYS you, our customer. Every new technology we explore, every methodology we develop and every solution we design is done with your satisfaction as the goal.

Our customer-centric priorities and single focus on BI ensure we excel at what we do. It sets us apart from the competition and helps us remain a leader in the BI industry.

Just ask Textile Rubber and Chemical Company. Through DFT’s BI Nirvana program TRCC uncovered production line inefficiencies that were costing the company thousands of dollars a day.

“DFT has the unique ability to understand the needs of business users, as well as a complete understanding of the functional capabilities of the SAP technologies being used, which is a critical factor for success. They added tremendous value to the requirements process and delivered a powerful BI solution for real-time operational reporting within 90 days!”

Bo Coppinger – Director of IT
Textile Rubber and Chemical Company

Another satisfied customer, National Vision, hired DFT to provide a comprehensive end-to-end business intelligence solution that would arrive at one version of the truth, integrate multiple data sources, provide a 360 degree customer view and empower employees with the knowledge to make smarter business decisions.

“As one of the largest optical retailers in the United States, analytics, data quality and data management are paramount to running and growing our business. DFT has worked with us since 2007 and has played a critical role in establishing, delivering and supporting our corporate business intelligence strategy. From building our data warehouse to integrating and cleansing disparate data systems, to creating visualizations that track vital KPIs, DFT has provided the in-depth knowledge and strategic direction necessary to help us drive growth, performance and gain a competitive advantage.”

Reade Fahs – Chief Executive Officer
National Vision Inc.
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These clients, like so many DFT customers, realize that fundamental business decisions must be made on accurate facts. But getting from their current state to a position of strength requires BI experts and we have the best in the business.

Whether you’re a small to medium sized company (SMB) new to BI or a Fortune 500 company with years of experience, DFT provides value no matter where you are in your BI journey.